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Go up and down in a
Cable Car

Cable car

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When the founders of Jatayu Earth’s Center. thought about how it would be possible to take visitors up to the Sculpture. and back, a lot of ideas had emerged. Cable Car is the best Adventure activities in jatayu earth center.

The question was what would be the easiest and convenient way to do so. What could be a special transportation mode. that would assure our visitors the best of the Jatayu experience? After a lot of brainstorming and careful analysis, we arrived at our answer – Cable Cars.

One of the fascinating sights that would draw the attention of visitors to the center. right from the point of their arrival. is the imagery of these colourful Cable car, gliding up and down the hills. It is also one of the pivotal attractions of the Center. apart from the majestic sculpture itself, that attracts guests on their trip.

Cable Car

Dangling over the expansive, picturesque locale across hills, what you would get to experience. is one of the best cable car rides in India. These Swiss-made Cable car. the only one-of-its-kind in Kerala, have been set up in adherence to the highest of safety standards. High-end security protocols are followed to ensure the safe and seamless navigation of these Cable car up and down the center. 

The importance of Cable Cars in
Jatayu Earth’s Center


Being spread across 65 acres of land, as different rocky layers placed one above the other by mother Nature. the Jatayu Earth’s Center isn’t an easy destination to cover by foot. We experienced it first-hand during the construction of the Sculpture and related amenities.

That is why we wanted to bring in this unique transportation mode for the comfort of the visitors. Not only would these cable cars save a lot of time and energy for a visitor. but they also assure a bird’s eye view of the entire locale, keeping them entertained and engaged, every minute of the way.

Jatayu Sculpture & Cable Car

Go up and down in a cable car

Taking you up and down the Sculpture is an array of Swiss-made cable cars, of the standards found nowhere else in Kerala.

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