Eco-Tourism destination in Kerala

Majestic Marvel: The World’s Largest Bird Sculpture


Nestled within Kerala’s verdant landscapes lies Jatayu Earth’s Center, a 65-acre haven that beckons adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts alike. This paradise is home to the World’s Largest Bird Sculpture, created by Rajiv Anchal with incredible vision.

This colossal sculpture, and stretching an impressive 200 feet in length, 150 feet in width, and soaring to a height of 70 feet, seamlessly weaves together India’s rich cultural and mythological heritage. Rajiv Anchal’s artistic prowess is evident in the intricate details that adorn the sculpture, creating an international marvel that captivates visitors from around the globe.


Mythical Tale: Homage to Jatayu

On a rugged hillock, and beneath the vast expanse of the sky, unfolds the legend of Jatayu from the Epic Ramayana. Jatayu embarked on a noble quest to rescue Goddess Sita from the clutches of the demon king, Ravana.

In a valiant attempt to thwart the abduction, Jatayu confronted Ravana. Despite grave injuries, Jatayu courageously defended Sita with unwavering determination. The celestial bird’s unwavering sacrifice culminated in a monumental sculpture, symbolising his bravery and selfless dedication, forever etched in the craggy terrains of Chadayamangalam, commemorating Jatayu’s immortal legacy as an Eco-Tourism destination in Kerala.


Eco-Friendly Oasis: 65 Acres of Sustainable Splendor

As you step into this realm of cultural grandeur, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a 360-degree tapestry of natural splendour. Jatayu Earth’s Center is not merely a tourist destination; it’s a celebration of eco-friendly practices and sustainable living.

Discover the essence of responsible travel as you explore Jatayu Earth’s Center. Amidst the vibrant flora and fauna, this destination proudly stands as a paragon of eco-tourism in Kerala. Every visit contributes to preserving nature, making it an experience that transcends ordinary tourism.


Panoramic Views, Thrilling Adventures, and Swiss-made Cable Cars

To enhance your experience at Jatayu Earth’s Center, an array of thrilling adventures await. The state-of-the-art ropeway service offers breathtaking panoramic views that are truly awe-inspiring. A picturesque walkway with 826 steps leads to the rocky summit, crafted from 60,000 stones, promising adventure.

Adding to this excitement are Swiss-made cable cars, and a unique feature unparalleled in Kerala. These cable cars traverse over Jatayu Earth’s Center, providing a bird’s-eye view of the locale, and showcasing the splendor of Kerala’s landscapes.

and also For those seeking the ultimate thrill, there is Heli Ride at Jatayu Earth’s Center. Explore an aerial perspective of this enchanting realm, offering an incomparable view that defies description. Take flight and witness the breathtaking panorama, where the grand sculpture and surrounding natural beauty create an awe-inspiring spectacle. From the sky, behold the majestic hills, verdant meadows, and the timeless charm of Jatayu, an icon of grace.

Rajiv Anchal: Maestro Behind the Vision


Rajiv Anchal, a luminary across art forms, seamlessly intertwines cinematic brilliance with sculpting finesse. From impactful cinematic gems like ‘Guru’ to vibrant creations such as ‘Beyond the Soul,’ his artistic prowess garners global acclaim. His mastery of sculpture is evidenced by monumental works like ‘Sakhambari,’ earning him awards from the Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy.

Guiding the vision of Jatayu Earth’s Center, Rajiv Anchal’s dedication shines through, overcoming adversities to sculpt Jatayu amidst challenging climates. His unwavering leadership and personal commitment form the cornerstone of this transformative Eco-Tourism destination in Kerala.


The Essence of Sustainable Journey

Within the heart of this sanctuary resides a philosophy deeply rooted in responsible exploration. and Jatayu Earth’s Center is not just a place; it’s a journey into the heart of eco-friendly exploration. Let Jatayu guide you, inspiring appreciation for Kerala’s beauty through panoramic views and sustainable practices. As you leave, carry memories and a sense of contributing to the sanctuary where nature and culture harmoniously converge.