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If you’re the one who seeks some adventurous fun in your free time, then Jatayu Earth’s Center has for you a range of thrilling adventure activities that would take you on an exciting ride. Designed carefully so as to be in sync with the eco-system, these activities can be done in individual or group capacities. So if you’re game, then get ready, take a deep breath and be up for it. 



What better adventure to indulge in than bouldering on rocky terrain. Battle the wall and gravity without ropes or harnesses, but with ample safety precautions, and climb up small rocks. It’s a test of your strength, technique, balance and problem-solving skills as you find the right way to climb. So, are you ready?



A rope hanging down from a rock waiting for you to hold on and climb up. Equipped with all the safety gear necessary, it’s your chance to hold your breath and perform the climb. Your heart might race, but keep the pace, and beat the rock. Our jumaring adventure gives a feel beyond what can be said through words.

Commando Net


Ever wanted to be a part of commando training? Well, here’s something that gives the feel. We have for you a fully conditioned commando net. Climb using your bare hands and legs. Prove to your friends and to yourself that no obstacle is big enough challenge for you by conquering the commando net.



Here’s a game that is much more fun than sheer adventure. Rope in your teams. Get armed. Dress like a soldier. Take your positions and covers in the paintball terrain. And let the game of friendly war unleash as you shoot your opponents, one by one. In the end, you could win and both the teams can have a great laugh together. 

Valley Crossing


It might not be for the faint-hearted, but everyone can give it a try. After all, when it comes to adventure sports, what fun will it be without valley crossing? Hang on from a rope as you cross the valley from one side to the other, with all necessary safety measures well taken.

Chimney Climbing


It’s tougher than you think; but hey, you are tough enough to give it a try. Climb up the rock cleft using the opposing pressure of hands, feet, knees and back. You could select between narrow, medium and wide options to plan your climb. It’s exceptional and designed for the extraordinary ones.



This is yet another rocking adventure game that would for sure pump you up. Descend the rock face in a controlled manner by using a doubled rope coiled around the body and fixed at a higher point. We have for you three rappelling sets ranging from 40 to 45 feet.

Free Climbing


If you are gifted with a smooth hand and feet coordination, balance, flexibility and agility, then give Free Climbing a try. Stroll up a 111 ft rock with the help of climbing support and all necessary safety gears. We assure you that you will for sure be contented at an exceptional accomplishment.



You might find shooting games all over the place, but this one is designed to test your focus extensively. State-of-the-art shooting equipments await you here to give your shooting skills, reflexes and the hand-eye-coordination a serious test. Hit the target right and emerge the winner.

Vertical Ladder


It’s breathtaking, literally. You can climb on to a 53 feet long vertical ladder with 32 ranks, hanging down from a rock. Watch every step carefully and advance with determination. Finally, when you reach the end at the top, you will for sure feel like on top of the world.

Wall Climbing


There’s no big mountain that a brave-heart can’t conquer. So we believe that this giant natural rock, though a tough challenge for the climber, would indeed bow down before you. With quality climbing gears and harnesses of the best quality, safety is beyond question.



Explore the exotic flora of the locale by availing a 1-hour trekking programme that offers you the best glimpses of the region. The trail would give you a different perspective of both  Nature’s art and the artistic creation up the hill. A breathtaking view of the valley would be a delightful bonus.

Side Joola


This is a task that demands some focused concentration and coordination of your mind and body to accomplish. You have an 18-metre bridge with 8 moving metal planks placed adjacent to each other. Step on each of them carefully and cross the bridge. How about giving it a try?



A widely practised game across the world today, give your shot at archery right here in the Adventure Park of the Jatayu Earth’s Center. A test of your focus and aim, these bows and arrows about making the right angle, setting the goals and going after them. After all, what better joy than seeing your shot hit the target perfectly.

Log Walk


Here’s a sport where balance is the key. Walkthrough a wobbly log, placed one after the other to reach the other end. It takes a great deal of concentration and confidence to accomplish; but once achieved, you will have every reason to smile.

Burma Bridge


Burma Bridge activity in Jatayu Adventure Center accepts the challenge coupled with some fun, an adventure activity to relish the ropes of hope. The Burma rope bridge is a unique fun activity for all the thrill-seekers willing to try something new. This is a classic rope walking activity where you are approximately 60 feet above the ground equipped with all safety measures. One does not need any special certificate or training to try this.
Cross the suspended rope bridge and emerge a winner at the other end.