A Mesmerizing Walk

The Winding Wonder


The Winding Wonder


If you are the kind who wish to explore a destination to its fullest, looking for all the minutest of experiences, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take the walkway up the hill. It’s no steep, just paved carefully so as to enable effortless and enjoyable striding.

This unique walkway has 826 steps and includes 60000 stones. The walkway also has an inspiring story of hard work and commitment behind it. It was a 70-years old sculptor named Balan Pillai who built this walkway using mere stones and sand. He sculpted on small stones in the path, did most of the work by himself and added just little quantities of cement on the top layer to get the job done. The fact that it took three years for him to complete the walkway tells a lot about the amount of effort he put in. This was done so, in order to keep the walkway as eco-friendly as possible with only natural resources being used.

Meandering up the center through wilderness and rocks, this walkway is more than a delight to even simply watch. So you can imagine what a feeling it would be to take a stroll. As you walk up, you would find resting zones in between where you can simply relax and unwind yourself, before continuing the walk. At the end of it all, when you reach the top and look far into the stunning scenery below, you would literally have conquered a mountain.

From there, if you don’t feel like walking back down, you can avail a separate ticket for cable car from the peak and glide down in wonder.

Jatayu Sculpture & Cable Car

Be blown away as you go up the walkway

The cable car is there for sure. However, if you prefer taking an adventurous 826 steps trail, here’s a walkway too.

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